The Salt Spa Treatment

Dry Salt Therapy (one form of “halotherapy”) is a natural and holistic relaxation method that many swear by for supporting the respiratory system and optimizing breath function, healing skin conditions, promoting sounder sleep, and improving overall wellness.



Salt is ground into tiny particles by a machine called a halogenerator, and then aerated into the treatment area. Terms vary, but whether the room is called a salt spa, salt room, a salt cave, or a salt chamber, the process is generally the same.



Most people choose to enjoy a seating in a community session. Guests are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before the hour for a Community session, and are escorted into the salt spa by 10-minutes after the hour. Once the door is closed after the seating, the door is only opened in case of emergency. Latecomers will be offered a seat in the next available session. There is an intake form that takes a few minutes to fill out, so the recommended arrival time allows time to fill out paperwork, use the facilities, and enjoy a few minutes of the room before all guests are seated. Due to our guests with chemical sensitivities, we ask that you do not wear fragrances into the salt room.



At a minimum, the serene feel of Sophi salt spa is likely to improve your overall mental and emotional health, since it is nearly impossible to remain tense or stressed in the peaceful environment. Some claim relief from symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, flus, skin conditions, arthritis, and so much more. Some have called it “like a toothbrush for the lungs and skin”. While relaxation is the only formal claim we make, here are some of the benefits that our staff, friends and clients have been seeing so far:

One staff member says her daughter’s allergies seem to be GONE in two sessions

“The arthritis in my big toe is gone!” -ER

A client who had lost her sense of smell had one session and her sense of smell returned.

“2 sessions and my eczema is gone” – DK

A client came out raving because she had not coughed without pain for six months (following a bout of pneumonia) and could now cough and breathe easily

“The stuffiness and congestion from my cold were gone by the time my session was over” -AD

A staff member even swears it cured her hangover.

“This was the only salt room I could find in Columbus, OH. When I saw the small size, I was skeptical, but it was clean, functional, attractive, and the salon has great service” -MB

What to expect?


The room itself is quite small (like many salt caves), and can range in temperature, so layering is a great idea. Clothing is worn in the salt room (unless removal is necessary for a spa service). Please note that clothing will have a layer of salt dust (which can generally be brushed or washed off after the session), so dress accordingly. No food or drink is permitted, and we ask that you not bring any items of value. Should you need to store personal items away from salt aerosol, there are covered bins in the room. If you would like to use electronic devices (at your own risk since salt is highly corrosive and likely to damage any electronic device), please schedule a couple’s session or a private session.



Our Clintonville location serves the Greater Columbus Area.

A few minutes from Grandview, Upper Arlington, Downtown, Campus, and Worthington.

15 to 30 minutes from most locations in Bexley, Hilliard, Polaris, Lewis Center, New Albany, Muirfield, Powell , Canal Winchester, Gahanna, Pickerington, Reynoldsberg, Grove City, Gahanna, Galloway, and less than an hour from most locations in Circleville, Delaware, Hebron, Pataskala, Buckeye Lake, Mount Vernon, Heath, Sunbury, Johnstown, Galena.

View Salt Spa Terms of Service and Etiquette


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