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Falling for Fall Colors

Cheers! Champagne Hair is here!

With the midwest weather cooling down in Columbus, Ohio, hair is warming up! We saw a slow trend towards slightly golden blondes this last year and this fall we are seeing rich tones that sing of changing leaves, sweater weather, and cozy firesides.

In this blog, we’ll show off a few of our favorites from our color specialists in Columbus, Ohio! So sip on some pumpkin spice as you scroll through these inspiration photos created by our own staff, on actual Columbus clients.

Warm colors

Who better to start the season off than our blonding specialist Autumn who created this stunning look.

Autumn created this look by melting a deeper root into custom-placed lowlights, then toning everything down to a yummy beige blonde. All of this was done over top of the already pre-lightened hair (this just means this guest had highlights or a balayage in the past, so it started off pretty light!).


Not looking to leave your platinum look, but yearning for a change? We have the golden ticket! A subtle shift in tone and dimension may be all you need to feel refreshed and renewed. Here Sagan has created an elegant blend of golds and neutrals to get this client looking like a literal sunbeam walking the streets of Columbus, Ohio. No gloomy days here.

Warm fall hair color
Color by Sagan

Balayage for soft and natural warmth

Transitioning into a fall aesthetic doesn’t always mean going darker. It can be as simple as warming up your icy, Elsa look into more of a Rapunzel for the season. It can also include taking darker hair lighter and keeping with it’s natural warmth.

In this pre-Covid throwback, Aerial strategically placed the new color near this guest’s face to brighten up pieces and bring light to her dark features. This results in a sun-kissed effect, bringing subtle light reflection and warmth to frame her face, where the sun would normally touch first.

Balayage process for fall hair
 A peak at the process of balayage by Aerial

This is another example of balayage exuding soft warmth. Aerial created lighter ends that gently give way to deeper, natural roots. This creates a lived-in effect and allows for a lot of time between appointments.

Warm highlights fall hair

Another example of a rich balayage, Gia did more than simply keep her client’s hair color looking perfect. Adding dimension to naturally fine hair can create the illusion of thicker hair! By having highs and lows strategically placed by a professional, we can trick the eye into believing more hair exists. If your hair isn’t living its best life, consider some new color with one of our blonding specialists in Columbus to give it a visual boost before reaching for extensions!

Women with rich balayage fall hair
Rich balayage by Gia

Embracing Coppers

We stand by a cooperative copper. Copper gets a bad rap as many have only seen it exist in their own hair as an unwanted “brassy” tone. The truth is that copper is a bit of a Goldilocks. It takes a couple tries to get it juuust right. And when it’s right, it’s a show stopper! Some of us are fortunate enough to be born with a perfect copper. If you’re one of them, we’re sure you get plenty of feedback about your hair. If you’re itching for a subtle switch up, try a toner to punch up your already stunning shade. This can add back any lost shine or light reflection in the colder months, it can also pack some extra pigment for the days you feel dull.

Women with copper fall hair
Copper hair by Bailey

Looking to make the seasonal switch up and get your hair looking as cozy as your sweaters feel? Book a consultation today with any of our Columbus, Ohio color specialists. We are serious about our safety protocols and making sure you and our stylists are protected. We’ll go over what you have, want you want, and how long you’d like it to last to find the perfect spice for your life (and something you can maintain from home if necessary)!


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