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How Long Do Perms Last for Men?

How Long Do Perms Last for Men?

Perms are not only for women. Men have been dipping their tresses into this trend for quite some time. Even though it may seem a trend of a bygone (eighties) era, the truth is men are hitting salons at high speed with new trends to help them change up their look or just add a bit of ‘zhuzhing!’ Sometimes perms for men last a week, sometimes months. Depending on the texture of the hair and density of the strands, all are factors in how well perms for men’s hair take. Find out more about how long perms last for men, who can (or should) get them, and what the lasting benefits may be.

What is a Perm?

A perm, or permanent, is a stylistic process using chemicals to change the hair’s structure. Curls can be created from straight hair or just waves. From tight curls to loose waves, men are getting in on this trend more and more. A perm breaks the hair’s natural bonds to allow for new bonds. Once they have been shifted to waves or curls, the transformation is complete (at least for now). If a man’s hair is strong and healthy, a perm can last for a while.

Do Men Get Perms?

Men from all walks of life are getting perms. Celebs and influencers are getting in on the trend. Curly perms are all the rage for movie stars and musicians. Other celebs and influencers see this and love to give it a try, along with everyday men who just want to mix things up. It is not as simple as going to the barber for a quick snip, but it isn’t as hard as men may think, either. A perm changes the strands to reshape the hair from the inside out.

Do Perms Work?

For dense, coarse hair, it will be hard to get those strands to ‘take’ the curl. Texture matters as well as health of the hair overall Most hair that’s healthy can hold a perm. Sensitive skin may make it harder for men to handle a perm or dandruff and scalp issues. Perms are a great solution to changing up style and men have lots of options to create a customized look that’s not-your-mama’s perm out of the box.

Types of Perms

Lots of varieties exist for men’s perms: tapered, liquid, and rod-shaped waves. These perms require steps to get them done properly:
Tapered: looks softer and uses less heat. Sensitive scalps might want to discuss with a stylist before trying it
Liquid: uses a liquid solution to deal with new growth. Keeps curls under control and looks good all day. Best for men looking to enhance natural hair texture or want extra body and bounce
Rod-shaped wave: requires use of rods that go all over the head. Heat from the tools is slow to avoid burning. Men have thicker hair than women, generally, so stylists need to use the right rods or risk damaging the hair

Avoid Damaged Tresses

Choosing a Phia stylist with experience and knowledge about different perms for your hair is important. Don’t go it alone. Box perms can be hard on the hair but they’re easy to fix with a stylist in-the-know. Salon perms are the way to go for a new trend that is coming back strong with heaps of options to get your hair looking its best.

Trust Your Stylist

Phia has experienced stylists who understand men’s hair needs. We will assess and determine if your hair is the right fit for a perm, which type, and guide you through the process. Perms aren’t just for men but this trend is hot so why not mix it up and play with this fun style. Talk to an experienced stylist about giving your hair the best look.


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