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June Covid Safety

Thank you for your patience over the last year-and-a-bit!


We’re pleased to continue providing safe and luxurious services as we respond to the guidance from the CDC, the Governor, the Mayor, and the Ohio State Cosmetology and Beauty Board.


This transition plan is our attempt to balance a wide variety of client and staff needs, desires, and requests. We ask for your continued patience with us if the plan does not meet your needs perfectly. We are sharing it so that our guests can make choices that work best for them, but please note that the plan may change as more information becomes available.


We are requesting that unvaccinated individuals continue to mask. We won’t pry into your personal health records by asking for proof, but we do ask those who are not vaccinated to be conscientious. Also, please remember that vaccination is not complete until two weeks following your final shot.


5/27-All COMPs (COMP=Complimentary Optional Moment of Pampering) including hand and arm massages, mini facials and lip treatments are available as time allows.** Please note that some of our busier staff members may be too booked to provide COMPs until late summer.


6/3-Physical barriers will be removed this week and all services (including cosmetic blowouts***) are available. Please note that some of our busier staff members may be too booked to accept a blowout until late summer; you may need to book that service with an alternate staff member. While our understanding is that all mandates including those around masking will be lifted this week, the City of Columbus may or may not have lifted the City’s mask mandate. Please check with your service provider if you have questions.


6/10-With the lifting of the capacity limitations, we will be bringing support staff back in to the salon. We expect to be accepting cash and providing filtered water, although bottled water will still be available for purchase.


6/17- By the 17th, our vaccinated staff members may choose not to wear their masks, again pending Columbus City Council’s alignment with the CDC and Franklin County Public Health to amend the local mask ordinance.


6/24-We anticipate the lifting of all remaining internal restrictions. Since June 23rd will end the sixth week following Governor DeWine’s May 12 announcement lifting the health mandates in Ohio, the 24th allows time for anyone who desires a vaccine to have received it. Most notably for clients, this means the waiver of our cancellation premiums will end and we will eliminate the hour-long buffer between guests in our salt rooms and salt spas. Internally, this means that most classes and some meetings will be offered in a live format.




*Of course, if at any point, you prefer for your service provider to mask up and/or to perform an outdoor service, just let them know prior to the service time and (weather and circumstances permitting) we’ll be happy to comply. Some staff, because of personal situations, may still request for you to wear a mask, if you prefer not to wear one, let them know and we’ll happily find you a different service provider. For our guests who are not medically able to receive a vaccine but are at risk, please let us know about your needs and we’ll find an accommodation for you outside normal hours.


**Please be patient with us regarding COMPs and blowouts; we anticipate significant staffing challenges in the gap between mandates being lifted June 2 and unemployment supplementation ending on June 26. We are doing our best to prepare for this and also request your patience should we run into challenges servicing you. If you know a customer-focused, solution-oriented, team player you think would be a great fit, please have them check out https://www.phiaconcepts.com/careers/ where we have temporarily opened all positions in anticipation of this challenge.


***While utility blowouts (basic drying for the purpose of the service) are included in the price and timing for some services, cosmetic blowouts require additional time. Our staff will NOT have the time to offer this service unless it is on their books so please add a cosmetic blowout to your appointment, as time permits.


We are so grateful to you, our clients and Phans for your support through this indescribable year-and-a-bit. You’ve been more than clients. You have been amazing, flexible, thoughtful, helpful and understanding partners throughout this challenging period and we couldn’t appreciate you more! We can’t wait to see your beautiful smiles.




For our hiring site: We are opening all salon positions as of 5/18 to accommodate increasing demand as COVID-related mandates are lifted. All positions other than apprentice stylist and mid-level stylist are anticipated to close again on July 1.


Best wishes to all of you for a fulfilling summer!




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