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We’re ready for you! (With a few changes…)

Your next appointment with a Phia Concept Salon will likely be very different from your last! Salon Owners have been working tirelessly for the past seven weeks with the goal of developing the best salon protocol in the country. 

If you don’t have your appointment yet, you can book one online here!

There is a lot going on that you will not see, but to save you hours of reading, we’ve summarized the changes as you’ll experience them below. 

If you’re still not ready to come in to the salon, Phia Concepts is still running a zero-touch concierge service and is happy to help.

Setting your appointment

  • The first appointment each day is available for those who are or who consider themselves to be at increased risk. By that time, our HEPA air filter has completely filtered the air more than 60 times*, and the salon is professionally cleaned and disinfected each night after close**, so early appointments will enjoy the benefit of an extra-sanitized salon. Those with additional concerns may also request:
  • that your stylist wear a face shield over their mask
  • to have the HEPA air filter moved to a station near you
  • body tape to affix your mask once you remove the loops
  • a clean towel draped over your face and mask during your shampoo or a single-use eye-shield***
  • gloves for you to wear for the duration of your visit***
  • to purchase an additional single-use mask

*according to the manufacturer

**in smaller salons on days where two or fewer stylists are scheduled, evening cleaning and disinfecting is handled by in-house staff.

  • Please note that the timing will be unique during this time period. Be prepared to stay longer than normal and note that some of the measures we’re putting in place to leave extra time for sanitation may get you out early!

Preparing for your appointment

  • Please bring a credit card, debit card or venmo card for payment as we will not be accepting cash for the time-being. 
  • We’ll be masked, and we ask that guests do the same. 
    • We recognize that some people are physically or emotionally unable to wear a mask. If this describes you, please discuss this with your service provider prior to your visit so that they can make appropriate arrangements. 
    • If your face covering ties behind your head, we have single-use masks available for a small donation to a one of our worthy organizations.
  • Parents and caregivers are welcome with those in their care. Otherwise, we ask that any other guests you might want to accompany you stay ‘safe at home’ instead.
  • If you experience any of the symptoms listed on the CDC webpage on “Symptoms of Coronavirus” please cancel your appointment. 
    • All cancellation fees are being waived until further notice. 
    • We know you still need those services and we’re happy to bridge the gap with a custom color kit or concierge cut.
  • Magazines were removed from the salon before we closed and will not return for some time, so you may want to bring a book!
  • Consider bringing a beverage. We will not be offering complimentary beverages for the time being. (Of course If you need some water, let us know and we’ll bring it in a single-use cup!)

Arriving for your appointment

  • For your service, please arrive with your hair (down) clean, dry, and styled the way you usually wear it.
  • We ask you to remain in your car or enjoy one of our outdoor areas until we text or call you when our previous guest finishes. From that call, it will take our staff a little over ten minutes to fully sanitize everything, so arrival five to ten minutes following your text or call will be perfect.
  • While we are stocked with hand sanitizer, soap and water is the gold standard. Just remember to use your hand towel to open the bathroom door.
  • Also, consider limiting personal items within the salon

During your appointment

  • There is nothing we would like more than to give you a big hug when you come in (or at least a handshake). Please know while we’re doing that awkward wave or air hug thing instead that we can’t wait to hug you again.
  • One of our temporary technique modifications includes eliminating cosmetic blowdrys entirely and utilizing non-traditional methods to style hair. This will minimize air movement through the salon and will allow additional time for sanitation measures. 
    • You may see us using a blow dryer briefly from time to time as we may need to see a section of hair to assess color, etc. 
    • Let us know if you have plans after you leave the salon and we’ll work with you to create something that works which may include the use of our new infrared processors or a nice braid or even some fun “space buns”. 
  • If you need to achieve a blown-out look, we will be able to accommodate that with our infrared processors followed by flat irons or curling irons.
    • Please note that for the time being, these services will incur an additional $30 charge. 
    • If you will need this service, please let your stylist know so they can plan accordingly!
  • To minimize touch and allow time for additional sanitation, the Complimentary Optional Moments of Pampering (COMPs) were suspended in early March. These value-added services will be reevaluated and we will bring them back as soon as we’re able.
  • We ask you to hold off on any product returns until we’re certain we have all our basic protocols mastered. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it for you in August or September.
  • Short of you getting up to insert your card, most of your checkout is likely to be done while you’re still in the salon chair.
  • Please note that shelf testers are not currently available. Please let us know if you want to experience a product and we’ll make that happen as safely as possible.
  • Your service provider will have their device with them on the shop floor. While this is not our normal practice, this is how they will let you know your chair is ready and it is how we will let them know about any important safety updates.

Following your appointment

  • If we normally dry and then detail your haircut, we are offering a no-charge follow up visit within 10-days of your original appointment. This is optional, but just know that your cut will be a little less perfect without it!
  • You know that we normally strive for perfection. Bear in mind that with new practices and everything that goes with them, our services may not be up to our normal standard. You’ve shown great patience over the last two months, and for this visit, we ask that patience to continue. We look forward to getting back to striving for perfection very soon.

***Masks, gloves for client use, and rigid eye shields are available by request. To balance the use of all of these disposables with our environmental commitment, we will collect a donation to one of the following organizations. (Suggested donation for each item is $2). Choose which organization you prefer to receive your donation!


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