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Haircuts 101

Haircuts are not a one-size-fits-all deal. Every client has their preferences and every stylist has their process. Sometimes the two don’t mix or they need a little help to find the balance. Every so often they are a perfect match! At our salon in Columbus, Ohio a stylist may even recommend you to another stylist who can best customize your haircut and service. While searching for or your dream ‘do’ or perfect stylist, here are a few tips to support you in understanding expectations along the way.

Inspiration Images

Pictures are used solely as a point of reference. Your hair will not be an exact replica of any image due to texture, type, density, length, extensions and especially photo retouching and filters. Retouching and filters are a big deal when it comes to inspiration photos. One can easily manipulate a photo to appear fuller, brighter, smoother — pretty much anything you can think of to get the look they want.

Blonde hair inspiration
Hair photo from Canva

We see them day in and day out and have an eye for what has been digitally manipulated. Take the photo above for example. Most people have a hard time seeing the difference between the two images, but ask a stylist and they will surely tell you that one is more yellow than the to other. The “Unethical” image has clearly been altered to make the result more appealing. If your stylist tells you a look is not achievable based on the factors listed above, be open to a conversation about what WILL work for you and finding new inspiration images!

Prices May Vary

Hair cutting tools
Photo from Canva

The price of a “haircut” and a “trim” in a salon are the same in Columbus. You are getting the same service and attention to detail, regardless of how much length is being removed. If prices do vary in a salon, it will likely be due to length and/or density. If you have long hair, many Columbus salons charge more than they charge for a pixie. The same may go for short cuts on extra thick hair, simply due to product and time considerations. As a budget-conscious salon, we encourage you to talk with your stylist about the time and investment required for the maintenance for your hairstyle. It may help you in deciding if this new or current look is perfect for you!

Curls, Curls, Curls

As anyone with curly to kinky hair can tell you, it takes on a life of it’s own and requires special care. Being prone to dryness, frizz, fragility, and additional volume, services for curls can take place in many different ways such as dry cutting, wet cutting, a combination of the two, curl carving, and other unique texturizing techniques. Depending on the needs of your hair and how you wear it, our Stylists go over options with you to discern what best fits your specific needs.


Hair that is cut to your curl pattern may appear uneven when straightened out.  Similarly, precision cuts may not work well for curly styling. Curl pattern may also change with the removal of length or use of color or lightener. Simply put:  Curls can have a mind of their own. Most curly girls know that the day you receive a hair service may not be your best hair day. Some textures tend to “freak out” and lose shape for the days following a cut or color service. This is perfectly common and is typically remedied after the next wash. The Curl Specialists at our salon undergo specialized training for natural and curly hair.

Parting Ways

Parting hair Photo
Photo from Canva

If you move your part from where it is established during the cut, it may appear unbalanced. If you wear your hair “wherever it falls” or flip it from side to side, be sure to tell your stylist so we can check your cut for balance. This does not mean that you will have an identical look no matter where you part it. In fact, it means the opposite. You may have access to several looks with one hair cut!

Coloring a New Cut

Hair coloring
Photo from Canva

Removing length or changing layers/texture may change the appearance of your hair color, which may need to be updated or changed with the cut for perfect results.  If you’ve got bright blonde tips and want to go shorter for summer, chances are your blonde is going bye-bye and it may leave what was once a beautiful blend not so blended. Get specific about exactly where you’d like to see your length fall after a chop (big or small), so you can also have the discussion about what color updates may be required for you to have a cohesive look.  If you see a cut-only specialist you may want to also ask to have a colorist present for your consultation.

Bustle.com has a library of simple ideas for how to better communicate with your stylist. Check them out for additional tips when you set up a haircut consultation with one of our professionals at either of our Columbus, Ohio salons in Clintonville and Short North!

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