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8 Reasons to Attend Highball Halloween 2019

Since 2008, HighBall Halloween has been one of the highlights of the city of Columbus. As the Midwest’s largest Halloween party, the two-day event features a street party, live art, electrifying stage performances, and a public costume contest, and the team at Phia Salon is proud to sponsor the spectacular signature event, the Battelle Costume Couture Fashion Show. For months before the show, teams of local designers work to create couture costumes that range from ethereal to disturbing to larger-than-life, and Phia is responsible for ALL of the hair, headpieces, and makeup!

Photo by Varinia

This year’s Highball is bound to be a blast!  Hosted on Friday, Oct. 11th and Saturday, Oct. 12th, these nights will highlight and honor fashion and art with a concert, public costume contests, and the crown jewel: The Battelle Costume Couture Fashion Show.

If you’ve never attended Highball Halloween, this is the year to do it and we’ve got 8 reasons not to miss it!

1. Costume Contests


If you’re looking for more creativity than The Plastics, Highball is the place for you.  This year, there are 14 categories over two nights to compete in!  In the past, we’ve seen folks on stilts, giant mechanical costumes that tower over the crowds, and little babies dressed as snuggly, adorable Yodas. Seriously, who doesn’t love a baby in a costume? This is Columbus’ ultimate smorgasbord of creativity.

2. Live, Local Music


Friday is HighBall: On The Rocks, a concert honoring fabulous fashion! Basically, its a night of bands on bands on bands!   If you love to publically boogie, be it dressed as the boogey monster or a Boogie Night’s hustler, you will be covered by the five bands listed to play: Funk Worthy, Parker Louis, Abbarama, NACHO Street Band, and MojoFlo.

3. Squad Goals


Back to the costumes for a minute. Solo costumes are great, but have you tried group costumes? The public costume contests include categories for groups, so get your squad in formation!

4. Fashion Show

Makeup by Jaime, Photo by Varinia

Our personal favorite part: the Battelle Couture Fashion Show. We’re gonna brag here for a bit. Highball was built around this event and it is the pièce de résistance of our salons. Our event team at Phia Salon, a staple of (and we would say the best salon in the Short North) creates all of the hair and makeup you see walking the runway. Nothing in Columbus shows off creativity quite like this event. We’ve proudly partnered with Highball since its inception and we’re thrilled to be making magic happen again this year. We’ve got the inside scoop, so believe us when we say you won’t want to miss it!

5. Food

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is providing food for the VIPs and we all know what that means: an artisanal food coma. If you’ve never been to a CM restaurant, you’re severely missing out. This food brings all the boys to the yard! You can experience true tastebud joy by purchasing your VIP tickets in advance.

6. Craft Drinks

Highball has partnered Middle West Spirits and Corona to offer delicious drink and locally crafted cocktails. Drink tickets are $2 per ticket and ticket break down can be found on the HighBall website!  They can be purchased upon entrance so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around all night. And as delighted as our +21 attendees will be at the drink selections, the event is still family-friendly.

7. Indoors

No covering up your costumes this year! Leave the cold to Elsa, it never bothers her anyway. This year’s Highball is going to be an Indoor / Outdoor event, offering space to warm up and get a good look at all the craftsmanship in the light. While we’d never miss out on the magic of the street party, portions of Highball will be taking place just inside the Columbus Convention Center.

8. Nina West!


The Mistress of Ceremonies! Columbus’ pride and joy! You have the opportunity to meet Miss Congeniality herself with your purchase of VIP tickets. After taking over Emmy’s Red Carpet and winning the hearts of celebrities, she’s back to her hometown to grace us with her presence and a special performance Saturday that you can be front row to witness.

At HighBall Halloween, you are what you wear.

Bigger or better, rain or shine, we hope to see you at the year’s spookiest, sparkliest, silliest street party.


Gates open at HighBall Halloween at 6:00pm on Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th.


Friday, October 11: HB On The Rocks
6:00   PM Gates open
7:30   PM Funk Worthy
8:15   PM Parker Louis
9:00   PM Amber Knicole presents Divas!
10:15 PM  Public Costume Contest11:00 PM  ABBARAMA

Saturday, October 12: HB High Fashion
6:00   PM Gates open
7:30   PM NACHO Street Band Fans
8:45   PM Performance by Nina West
9:00   PM MojoFlo
10:00 PM  The Battelle Costume Couture Fashion Show
11:15 PM   Public Costume Contest


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