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Blonding Maintenence Part 2: Products

It’s not a wives’ tale that chemically produced blonde hair is more fragile and brittle than natural blonde hair. The fragility is due to the lightening, or lifting, process which changes the protein structure of the hair, causing it to weaken. In order to strengthen the hair, you want to invest in products that contain keratin, amino acids, and hydrating agents to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Essentially, once you start “bleaching” your hair, your focus is going to change from simply cleaning your hair to also retaining its moisture and keeping it strong. For better or for worse, this requires specialized products for blonde hair that cannot be accomplished with most drugstore brands.

soft and shiny hair GIF: blonde maintenance columbus ohio

If changing up your hair care based on your most recent hair services is part of your normal routine, congratulations! Keep it up! You may still find some ideas for new products below for blonde maintenance, or confirm that you’re on the right track in keeping your blonde or colored hair healthy.

Blonde Products We Love!

There’s a LOT of products on the market specifically geared toward blondes and it can be tricky to find the product that works for you and your hair. Before purchasing from anywhere, check out their return policy because if the products don’t work for you, you don’t want to be stuck with them! 

Here are a few products we recommend:

Davines Nounou (The complete line)

Davines Nou Nou hair mask, hair conditioner, hair shampoo

Our Blonding Specialists’ most recommended product is this heavy-hitter, the Houdini of haircare: the NOUNOU Hair Mask. The mask is designed to replenish hair by hydrating the hair and the scalp. It instantly softens hair, smells amazing to boot, and the Davines commitment to environmental health is second-to-none.

AG Repair Serum


If your problem is split ends, consider AG Repair Serum.  Professionals at AG Hair boast that “This lightweight serum instantly helps seal split ends and works overtime to increase elasticity while helping to reduce breakage.” Our color specialists in Columbus, Ohio can say with certainty that this leaves the hair feeling silky, shiny, and super soft.

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair


You’ve likely seen this fan-favorite floating around the Internet as it is featured in the Fall 2019 FabFitFun box! This is Aveda’s leave-in treatment specifically designed to repair and protect hair from heat styling. Use this if you are exposing your new balayage to heat as it reduces breakage. It also works to detangle hair!

Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner

Davines educator Naomi Knights raved that “Alchemic Silver is hands-down my favorite maintenance care for cool blondes, as it tones evenly and does not leave any funky residue! It also is a go-to for natural silver foxes.” While we can’t guarantee that this conditioner will make you a cooler person, we can guarantee all the hair compliments. And that’s… pretty cool!

Davines Alchemic Golden Conditioner

Designed for golden-blonde to honey-blonde hair, Alchemic Golden Conditioner maintains and enhances warmer blonde shades. This rich treatment can be used alone, or make a cocktail of hair care with your favorite conditioner for a controlled pigment delivery that leaves your hair is hydrated and super light reflective, perfect for blonde maintenance!

Davines Liquid Spell


When it comes to hair magic, we always look to Davines, hence we adore their Liquid Spell.  Davines describes Liquid Spell as “a transformative liquid-to-foam silky elixir that repairs mildly damaged and lackluster hair, providing instant softness and vitality. Through activated amino acids, hair is protected from heat damage, while also adding natural shine and holding its shape for a longer period of time.” And from our experience, we have to agree.

Stay Educated for Great Hair Health

At Philosophi Salon– all the Phia Concept Salons for that matter, we don’t want you to only leave feeling like a million bucks; we want that feeling to last until you’re in to see us again.  It’s important for you to remain educated about the path to great hair health. So here’s an added tip: If your stylist is continuously recommending products just because they’re new, they may not have your best interest at heart!  

Davines Products shelf
Photo by Jenn

We want to recommend products based on what your hair specifically needs, as well as what works best for your lifestyle. Like a #LazyGirl routine? We got you. Prefer perfect blonde maintenance and daily styling? We’ll work with you to create a custom care routine that’s, as Goldilocks puts it, “juuust right!”

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