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Going Blonde Pt. 2: Choosing Your Blonding Path

So, you’re a brunette going blonde, do you want to take your time or dive in?

You’ve seen the horror stories and considered the four critical factors. You may have already jumped in. But before we get too deep, let’s explore some of the many ways to go blonde. Most blonde specialists have some pretty strong preferences regarding how to take you there and each path has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Keep in mind that an in-depth consultation with your stylist is an important part of the process. Columbus, Ohio is home to some of the best salons for hair color and we recommend choosing a salon that offers scheduled, one-on-one consultations with a blonding specialist to ask all your questions about how quickly you can become blonde, what’s the perfect shade for you, and what that process might entail. Ask for a strand test to determine more precisely what’s in store.

In some cases, it is possible to achieve a blonde in one day–although it is really more of a dream-come-true scenario and not usually the reality. Important factors are the integrity (health and strength) of your hair, what sort of maintenance is required (including frequency of salon visits), products you’ll need at home, and your budget. A great blonding specialist will go over all possibilities with you in detail.

Double Full Highlight by Jazmen at Philosophi Salon in Columbus, Ohio
Double Full Highlight by Jazmen

The Tortoise Approach (or Low and Slow)

Upon hearing that you’d like to transition to blonde, many stylists, colorists or blonding specialists (especially in midwest cities like Columbus, Ohio)  will assume that you prefer a series of highlights or balayage (or highlights and balayage) over time to get you light without risking too much damage along the way. This approach is one of the safest routes to take, as it allows you to transition gradually, keeping a ton of dimension, and it allows your stylist to catch any inconsistencies in color, texture, or porosity, and correct them throughout the process.

Different styles of Blonde Hair
by Philosophi and Phia Team

Depending on your starting place (how dark your hair is, previous color, etc.) and your colorist’s skill level, this ‘Low and Slow’ approach could be your best option. It affords you the time to really settle into the new blonde lifestyle, making it easier on your spending plan, and allows for all of the adjustments necessary to get to a gorgeous new color that lasts.

The Hare Approach (or Fast and Furious)

This is the approach that almost every blonding client believes they want when they start their blonding journey. Here in Columbus, it is often called a ‘bleach and tone.’ The process is quick, likely to be damaging, and wildly unpredictable. Despite the risk, sometimes it turns out perfectly! Other times not so much.

Bleach processing at Phia Salon
Phia Salon

This more aggressive blonding service is done by mixing a variety of lifting agents (lay term: bleaches) and applying them to different parts of the hair at varying times to attempt to ensure an even result. This will, in theory, lift all of your hair to a solid blonde that can then be toned as desired and voila! You are blonde in 6 to 10 hours! It is only under a very particular set of circumstances that the results are perfect (many of which are not under your stylist’s control). We are here to tell you it does happen! And when this technique works, it creates some of the most stunning, icy blondes we’ve ever seen.

Platinum blonde by Lux Littler at Phia Salon in Columbus, Ohio
Bleach and Tone by Lux Littler at Phia Salon

The Goldilocks Approach 

Understanding your unique variables will support you and your stylist in choosing the perfect path for you. Of course, you can consult with your blonding specialist about using a blend of these two approaches. For example, a double highlight will give you quite a bit of lift without some of the risks of the allover blonding described earlier. A balayage and highlight combination can offer a soft look while adding bright pops of blonde. We have some of the best blonde hair specialists in Columbus and will be able to help you find your sweet spot that includes the perfect balance of speed, results, hair-integrity, home care, and budget!

Interested in having a chat with a blonde hair specialist about your blonde journey? Book a consultation at any of our locations in Columbus, Ohio, 100% of the cost of your consultation will be applied to your color service should you choose to proceed.  And if you decide to wait on the color, apply the consultation fee to an amazing cut, instead! Either way, we can’t wait to see you!

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