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Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays upon us, many of us are in a frenzy to “get our shopping done!”  What if you could avoid land-sharking parking spots at the mall or fighting to protect your online purchases from porch bandits? On a cross-country flight, you might peruse the SkyMall catalog, but you still have to order, wait, and wrap! What if you could have your holiday gifts delivered to you in your salon chair while you’re being cut, coiffed, or colored! Phia Concepts has you covered with this great holiday gift guide! Many of the gifts available at the Phia Concept Salons are even ready for gifting, like Davines gift boxes, which are also a steal at over 30% less than typical retail prices.

Not only can you pick up some cool gifts with no stress, right from the salon, this year we are practically PAYING you to shop!

Make a retail purchase and you’ll receive between $5 and $75 to use toward services in January.  The card you receive says it all: “Self-care: NOT Optional”. We recommend using it for pampering services, but hey, you do you!

Now for those of you who say, “I don’t want to give someone a beauty product!  What kind of message am I sending?” We get it! The last thing anyone wants to do is to give a beautiful hand-crafted soap and accidentally make your loved one wonder if they have a body odor issue. But the gift of health or beauty products can also be loving, thoughtful, high in quality and low in hassle!

In our list, we curated product ideas from our shelves, all available at our salon and salt spas in Clintonville and Bexley, and our salon in the Short North.

Davines Holiday Kit ($62-$79)

Minu Shampoo and Conditioner, Davines gift boxes is a great catch-all gift!
Davines Holiday Kit

Davines compiled these cute gift boxes with some of our favorite products ready to purchase for 30% less than their retail value. Each box has shampoo and conditioner paired with an amazing smelling OI product. The boxes are set for different texture hairs so no one misses out! Choose from one of five kits: the OI Holiday Kit, Minu, Love Smooth, Love Curl, and Nounou.

Sutra Hot Tools ($60-$260)

In the market for new heat tools that are salon quality and will leave your hair shiny and smooth? We have Sutra Beauty products just for the occasion! From travel-size blowdryers and flatirons to regular sized heat tools. Right now, we can’t get enough of the Sutra Styling Wand! The Styling Wand looks like a flatiron but works like a curling wand. Instead of pinching down on hair like a flatiron, the wand has space between two hot plates which allows you to slip the hir between and glide for curling made easy!

OI Hand Balm ($20 with 20% off with a rebook)

OI Hand Balm is a gift made for those who use their hands all day!

OI Hand Balm protects skin from damage caused by the sun, wind, and cold, providing long-lasting hydration. Perfect for rough Columbus winters!  With a touch of exfoliating power, you’ll find yourself parting ways with some dead skin for extra softness. For a limited time this season, we have gift boxes available with a FREE OI Hand Scrub included. You’re welcome!

These are so great to have in your car or purse, or stashed in any number of places. We are often on the go, so having this hand balm ‘handy’ can make the difference between soft knuckles and the dreaded cracked, stinging ones.

Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair ($30)

Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is a gift for people of all hair types!

For all hair types, this 98% naturally derived leave-in treatment detangles and instantly, visibly repairs and protects from heat styling. Aveda’s own pure-fume™ aroma is created with certified organic bergamot, mandarin, and ylang-ylang. It’s subtle and so, so satisfying.

Glenn Ave Soap Company’s Skin Care

Skin Care needs? We got you!
Introducing Glenn Ave Soap Company’s Skin Care line ($40)

Glenn Ave Soap Company’s Skin Care, a great gift for anyone looking to try an affordable new skincare regimen!

It is important to know someone really well before gifting skincare products.   But with the entire Glenn Avenue set coming in under $40, this may be a no brainer.

The kit is just 3.5 steps to great skin!  Formulated with their proprietary blend of 19 botanical extracts with potent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to clean, nourish and refresh your skin. Gentle, with no alcohol or acid, they have a mild Basil, Sage, and Mint fragrance that is pleasing to men and women alike. Use daily for healthy, glowing skin. However, this line is not recommended for skin over 40.

Step 1. Use the Foaming Face Wash to rinse away dirt, oil, and makeup. It is gentle and non-drying.
Step 1.5 Use the Salty Beans & Rice to gently remove dead skin cells with a fine-ground natural powder
Step 2.  Use the Balancing Toner to close pores, cleanse, and return skin to neutral pH
Step 3. Use the Facial Serum + Moisturizer to hydrate, smooth and nourish skin

Aveda Men Pure-formance

Aveda Men Pure-formance is a great gift for the guys in your life!

Need a gift for the gentlemen? Aveda Men Pure-formance line has what you’re looking for. From shampoo to shaving balm, body oil to grooming clay, this line of products will sculpt and suit the unique needs of the male-identifying loved ones in your life.  The Liquid Pomade is a great choice for those who like to sculpt their hair, using a lightweight product that adds control and shine, yet maintains moisture in the hair.  Conversely, the Thickening Paste is good for those who need a little help in building more body into their hair.

The Circle Chronicles Hair Masque ($10.50)

Revisiting Davines (we’re in love, okay!) we have The Circle Chronicles Hair Masque. This collection of masques offers solutions for extremely damaged hair, dullness, or for hair that just needs to chill out for 10 minutes.

Fantastic Stocking Stuffers! Here are a few of our favorites!

The Circle Chronicles Hair Masques by Davines are a great gift to fill up some stockings!
The Circle Chronicles Hair Masques by Davines

An illuminating hair mask designed to bring instant shine and brightness to hair, enhancing natural or cosmetic color. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins, the Moringa oil in this mask nourishes and enhances shine without weighing hair down.

A reinvigorating hair mask that gives stressed hair its energy and volume.

Formulated with Rhodiola extract and purple clay rich in kaolin and aluminum with rebalancing and anti-toxic properties. Great for the day after Bachelorette parties!

The Renaissance
A repairing hair mask for brittle and damaged hair. Formulated with highly nutritious babassu butter and yellow clay: babassu butter detangles to restore softness, silkiness, and body, and the copper and iron-rich yellow clay help to re-compact the hair structure, making it look healthier and stronger.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Natural Night Light

Himalayan salt makes a great gift for anyone into wholistic remedies!

A gift for anyone, illuminate your night with a touch of light! These Himalayan Crystal Salt warming night lights cleanse the air (literally) and the heat, producing a soft glow in any space. We also have a hot new addition to our night light line! Crafted with care, the Shadow Lantern Nightlights are both aged and elegant, vintage yet modern.

You can always get a gift card for someone to get their hair glow up at our salons in the Short North, Clintonville, or Bexley!  Get any of these items when you get your hair done before Christmas. We will be open as late as 10PM for 10 days preceding Christmas!

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